Special Needs

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QuickTalker 1

 The QuickTalker 1 is a simple single message communicator with a modern look, and proximity sensor activation surface that can be activated with a very light touch or by waiving a hand within 10-millimeters of it.

$209.00 Ex Tax: $190.00

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Tactile Cushion w/t Hand Pump

Like a balance ball for children, our spiky tactile cushion improves posture and focus simultaneously

$31.90 Ex Tax: $29.00

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Tactile Sensory Brush

Powerful at providing sensory input in a calming manner.

$14.30 Ex Tax: $13.00

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Enhance your students reading fluency, comprehension and phonic skills.

The Toobaloo allows children to hear themselves clearly while speaking softly into it. Toobabloo headset sold separately.


Available in Red and Blue.

$17.60 Ex Tax: $16.00

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Bouncy Bands

Available as a desk attachment or chair attachment.

$34.10 Ex Tax: $31.00

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Bouncy Bands for speciality desks with pipes

Supports are hinged to allow them to fit special desks

$54.67 Ex Tax: $49.70

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Lacing Alphabets

Each set contains 260 plastic letters and 15 laces in a storage bucket.

$64.90 Ex Tax: $59.00

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Hush Buddy Sound Protectors

Designed to fit smaller heads, our Hush Buddy is for children who need increased quiet for sensitivity reasons or just for more focused activities such as reading.

$42.57 Ex Tax: $38.70

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Chubuddy Bud Necklace

The Chubuddy Buds are a fashionable and discreet chewy shape for light and medium chewers.  They have mid-range durability yet are still Medium Soft.  They have a rounder shape which provides more durability and surface area to chew on.  Includes a breakaway clasp necklace.

$26.84 Ex Tax: $24.40

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Chubuddy Springz Bracelet

The Chubuddy Springz Bracelet is a great fidget not only are they discreet, they are even fashionable. 

Warning: Choking Hazard - not suitable for children under 3.  

$17.60 Ex Tax: $16.00

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Memory Skill Games

Memorise, Match and Spot the Difference with this revolutionary set of 6 x A3 Memory Skills Board Games

$75.90 Ex Tax: $69.00

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Therapy Ball Stand

An excellent aid for clients who feel insecure with the movement of the ball.

$101.20 Ex Tax: $92.00

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With QuickTalker, your students will be ready to start communicating in minutes. QuickTalker features a modern design – ideal for girls or boys of any age in the classroom – yet rugged enough for everyday use.

$390.50 Ex Tax: $355.00

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